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About us

We are a waterproofing company specializing in sound waterproofing of multiple surfaces, both new and existing.  We waterproof from roofs, walls and basements to foundations, pools and decks.  We work only with quality products, therefore giving you lasting results and guaranteed satisfaction. 


Our technical director has acquired training in Isreal and has passed on his expertise to our amazing team of workers.


Prevents moisture damage before it happens.


Reverses damage and returns to an optimal state.


Years of experience

All of our services are guaranteed and backed by our extensive expertise.  Our services include:



Removal & Replacing of Tiles

Gutter Clearing

Roof Repairs


Quality in services

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Affordable prices

& quality service

In Business since 2011

Servicing both old

& new roofs

Commercial, industrial

and residential contracts



Glad Tidings Complex, Holder's Hill, St. James, Barbados.


246-271-4933 / 246-833-8600

Business hours:

Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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